About Me


The store is temporarliy closed  while new designs take place.

My name is Karen and I am a Hataholic.... Welcome to my online store.

I knit and design hats for newborn babies.

I have knitted for as long as I have photographed- from the age of ten.

In the last couple of years, in my life behind the camera, I have added newborn photography to my portfolio. I enjoy knitting my own hat props, which I have found my clients also love, and this has opened up a whole new world of "yarn" adventures.

There are many types of yarn - and although many of my knittted items are made of a acrylic/nylon mix - I also have (and are planning) more items in the 100% wool area.

Have a look around and enjoy your visit. Items for sale will be updated regularly.

If you wish to buy an item, live in New Zealand and do not wish to pay by credit card, preferring direct bank transfer, please email me via the contact page in regards to any purchases you wish to make.

Thanks for your interest - I look forward to delivering quality products to you.